The frame of the camera is set and does not change. Something appears, is there and disappears again. Repetition plays a large role but fluctuates as a result of chance. It is a game between fixed and loose elements. Everything exists according to its own values, there are no compromises toward the camera.

The frame of the camera is searching and is being used as some sort of binoculars, zoomed in, voyeuristic. The distance that this creates is important. The focus is forceful. There are many loose elements. The image is almost never still and, like the subject and the surroundings, is in constant movement.
Through the horizontal or vertical framed movements of the camera, the surroundings or the object is scanned. No distinctions are made, all seems equal and is followed by the camera in detail without fixing an image. The world, in a sense, passes you by and is registered but at the same time remains intangable.

The frame of the camera is fixed and does not change. The subject remains within the frame. It is a wide shot, a registration of many set elements. It is like a picture that comes to life, something that is stuck, remains stuck and will forever continue. Time flies, sun turns into rain, light into dark, but the movement continue ceaselessly.
There are four methods of filming/photographing that I often use and have developed further within my work: static, manifestation, tracing and scanning. Click on the image to view the selected works.